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    Intentions and Expectations

    Intention is the link between our inner world and how we act or engage in the outer world. It is the attitude that guides the direction of our thoughts, actions, and speech. 
    Intentions are not fixed, instead it is the essence that flows along our path. Intentions can be found in the current moment rather than an obtainment of a final goal.When we have an intention, we are open to the limitless expression of possibilities.  We can explore and greet the present moment with curiosity and acceptance. 

    Expectations are viewed as an attachment to a specific desire or outcome in the future. It is focused on a fixed goal in an impermanent reality. When we hold an expectation, we are focused on the future and not the present moment.  The ego tells us what we need or what should happen to be satisfied.  This may pull or move us to think or act in ways that are not aligned with our higher self. When focused on an expectation, the current moment is viewed through a small lens of our desired outcome. This creates judgment, blocks us from experiencing joy in the current moment, and limits possibilities.  When our expectations are not met, it can lead to suffering, including disappointment and resentment towards ourselves and others.

    Goals are important, however how we hold and view our goals makes a difference in our emotional quality of daily living. 

    Inspiration: Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path