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  • "The only journey is the journey within." -Rainer Maria Rilke.

    Accepting Cigna & Aetna Health Insurance 

     Online and In-Person Counseling Services

    Awakened Higher Self, LLC is a modern private practice helping others consciously explore life.

    About Me

    I am a Tahlia DeLorenzo, therapist and owner of Awakened Higher Self, LLC. I am a licensed therapist offering counseling services for adults. I help people consciously explore the inner workings of their mind and heart. 


    My mission is to empower individuals to navigate life with conscious intention. I am dedicated to providing compassionate mental health counseling services. My commitment is to help each person on their unique journey towards understanding and self-discovery, one session at a time.

    Why Awakened Higher Self?

    I chose the name Awakened Higher Self to describe our true nature without a conditioned mind. It represents the self in us that is wise, compassionate, and loving. Every time we untangle ourselves in healing we connect to our higher self.