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    Telehealth (Online Counseling)

    From the comfort of your home we can sit and talk about your healing journey.

    How an online counseling session looksTelehealth is online counseling using a video chat to connect with a therapist. As a Board Certified TeleMental Health provider, I am trained to provide ethical online therapy.

     Online therapy is done through a platform called Simple Practice, which is designed specifically for counseling. It is HIPAA compliant to protect your information so you can have a secure therapy experience.

    All startup paperwork is completed through the website, so there is no need to print, save, mail, or email anything.

    Most computers, tablets and phones come equipped with a webcam ready to use, so connecting is easy. There is no need to download or learn a new program.

    Before each session you will receive a link to connect to a secure and private video chat. Connecting to therapy is as easy as clicking on the link.

    I am happy to walk you through the process before our first session.

    Benefits of Telehealth

    Studies have shown telehealth to be just as effective as in-person therapy, making it a helpful way to receive support.

    Telehealth is accessible with a phone, tablet, or computer

    Online counseling is convenient from the comfort from your home or a private location

    You can save time and money on transportation without navigating a commute or traffic

    Flexibility and ease to fit into a busy schedule

    Privacy Tips

    Privacy is important in therapy. Feeling safe to share in therapy depends on a lot of factors, including confidentiality. Your privacy is most important to me, so during our session I will be alone in the room, work from a secure computer, and limit distractions.

    A few tips to increase privacy:

    • Choose a location that will allow you to have privacy and limited interruptions. 
    • Wearing headphones increases privacy by minimizing what others can hear and limits background noise.
    • White noise can help to prevent others from hearing your conversation and limit background noise.
    • Your session link is meant just you, so keep this information private.